Size 1 12”x12” Flat Aluminum Art
Size 2 12”x12” Folded Aluminum Art
Size 3 24”x24” Flat Aluminum Art
Size 4 20”x20” Folded Aluminum Art
Size 5 48”x48” Flat Aluminum Art
Size 6 44”x44” Folded Aluminum Art
*wholesale prices available upon request

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Photographic Art by Celeste Brunel is a collection of abstract and
contemporary wall décor pieces. Stemming from her background
as an interior designer, Celeste uses colour and form in combination
with computer techniques to create variations in her photographs.
Celeste’s pieces are modular and are assembled in sizes ranging from small to large format. Her work is abstract, contemporary and carefully crafted.

This eco friendly artwork is handcrafted in Canada. Images are
printed on thin sheets of aluminum composite with a solid polyethylene core made from 100% recycled tires. Each piece is gift
boxed in recycled 90% consumer waste box...

Umbra Concept Store
Toronto, Ontario

Celeste’s orignal work was
recently shown at the Umbra Concept Store for several months. Selected photographic art is also available in all 34 Urban Barn Stores across Canada.